About the Show

“The Climate Monologues” is about:
  • People, Passion, Ideas
  • Vision & Values
  • Facing our fears and rising above them
  • Inspiration, courage and keeping our humanity and sense of humor
    in the face of critical challenges
Global climate change affects everyone on the Earth. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that our window of opportunity to cut our greenhouse gas emissions to a level low enough to stop the global warming trend over the next 100 years is about to close.
Although many people worldwide have been working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they are still on the rise. With all the good information we’ve had for years now, we are still not doing what needs to be done to reduce these greenhouse gas emissions – carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and others – nearly enough to stop the devastating effects on the Earth in the coming years – more frequent and severe storms, floods, droughts, forest fires, the spread of diseases and destructive insects. These sound like the pestilences described in the Bible. Still, we are not yet acting to prevent them.
This show takes audiences, in a compassionate way, on a journey around the world and into ourselves and our society to find out. It provides both catharsis and inspiration to help us reach the needed emissions targets in the next few years.
We make an effort to minimize our carbon footprint when presenting the show, using as little fuel as possible while traveling.
In addition to live performances, we have posted segments of the show on YouTube. (Click here and here.) Please also visit our pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The show has been performed in New York, Washington State, Massachusetts and California. It was performed in the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival in Los Angeles and the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City in 2016.

The show is not political. It doesn’t promote any piece of legislation, political candidate or party, and won’t jeopardize any organization’s not-for-profit status.

Global climate change is a social, health, environmental, economic, and ethical issue that concerns all people. The purpose of the show is to bring people in the U.S. and around the world closer together and inspire people to take action on climate change in their own lives.

By presenting stories of real people and highlighting the human element in dealing with the very real challenge of climate change, it becomes clear how much we are connected to each other and to this challenge. It is a serious show, but also uplifting and inspiring, with a healthy dose of humor.

The show runs 70 minutes. After the show, there is an opportunity for feedback and discussion about the show and the issue of climate change.

Single engagement performances or a series of performances can be scheduled.

Technical requirements are minimal. We show projections when a projector is available, and audio is needed for the pre-recorded musical accompaniment.